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    Palliative Care

    After a family comes to the conclusion that further medical procedures are no longer warranted the patient can be placed in Palliative Care.

    Palliative Care provides additional treatments to help prolong the patient’s life. Often times their health is still viable, although there will be no cure. This is when, through an established network, the family is referred to GGY Charities.

    Your journey will begin with Gods got you Prayerfully, respectfully and to honor your whole family. To love your family as we love love ourselves. We will provide resources in the form of referrals to our GGY partners. In conjunction with other charities, churches, fundraisers and local Grant’s. To all who qualify.

    To provide comfort in a storm.

    Become a Volunteer

    Helping hands can reach a wound a charitable heart can heal. Not just for those in need But for your soul as well.

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